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As of September 2020, it was recorded that the unemployment rate in New York City stands at 13.9 percent. So, with the right amount of drive, motivation, and information, you can easily find yourself an attorney job in the city of New York. Let’s dive into the details. Keep reading…

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If you want to go far, you’ve got to start reaching for it now. This is why knowing who the major players for this field are in NYC is vital information.

Major Employers

Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

This is the top-ranked lawyer firm in the entirety of New York City. Annually, this firm is in charge of making high-stake deals, such as acquisitions, big-name restructuring, ventures within real estate worth billions, and more. This attorney firm is known to be the originator of the “poison pill,” which has been an almost unbeatable strategy for shareholders’ rights. What seals the deal is that even though it does not have the highest revenue stream, it is still the top profitable law firm to work in. Their base salary for first-year associates is set at $195,000, this year, their total attorneys fall between the range 250 to 500. 

Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP

This law firm ranks second within the city of New York. The popularity of this firm is due to its role in originally organizing the shareholders for NBC. They are also at the top of the market in terms of bonuses and transparency within their hiring process. The first-year associates’ base salary is set at $190,000. This firm works with lockstep compensation and has an incredibly high caliber for its training process. You could use their training process as a stepping stone to help you handle anything as an attorney. The total attorneys that have been employed by this law firm in the year 2020 fall between 500 to 750. 

Career Path

Of course, all lawyers start in New York City as a first-year associate within any firm. To be eligible for this, you must be admitted into the New York State Bar. After which, you will then go on to becoming a senior associate and then a partner. As an associate or even a senior associate, your key responsibilities will be to establish your firm’s credibility. You can do so by providing excellent service to the clients, draft different contracts, ensure that everything complies, take on any project work given, take down minutes in meetings, and more. 

Other Notes

Out of all of the metropolitan cities located in the US, New York is ranked at the top in terms of the highest employment rates for attorneys. The whopping employee count sits at a staggering 81,000 employees within the field. All aspiring attorneys who have big dreams see New York City as the hub for all law firms, where the top firms have set up their offices.

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