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Nannies are responsible for caring for children. Nanny jobs are fairly common in NYC since most parents are busy with their own work commitments, thus requiring a nanny who can nurture and care for their kids. While the duties of a nanny are only to take care of a child, they are often expanded to other responsibilities such as cleaning, cooking, or assisting children with their schoolwork. Keep reading…

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Since there is no formal degree required to get a job as a nanny, you should be aware of all the child-care responsibilities that will come under your job title.

Not only does this include providing a safe and healthy environment for children, but also:

  • Bathing and Changing Clothes
  • Changing Diapers and Toilet-Training
  • Doing Children’s Laundry
  • Cooking Meals and Feeding the Children
  • Taking Children Outside for Outings
  • Engaging in Indoor Activities
  • Encouraging Learning Activities and Arts and Craft

Most parents will outline the tasks that they expect their nanny to perform – making the job much simpler. However, being a nanny in NYC means having to work odd hours whenever the parents are out of city or away on a meeting. The job may also require you to perform additional tasks such as cleaning after the children or putting them to sleep. The job description of a nanny is never truly complete.

Job Search

Due to the high demand for nannies in NYC, it is fairly simple to get a job in this field. However, most parents will be looking for a nanny who already has experience with babysitting so they can easily trust him/her with their child.

If you don’t have any nanny experience, you can start by learning the basics of taking care of a small child and volunteer to look after the children in your family or friend circle. You can also volunteer at daycare centers where you will gain all the experience you need to start a nanny job.

The next step is to create a simple yet informative resume that details your education, basic skills, and past experience. It is important to familiarize yourself with the parents in your neighborhood since NYC is a considerably big city and people will be more comfortable in hiring a nanny from their own area. As you gain more experience, you will be able to gain access to more jobs in NYC as this industry relies heavily upon networking and communication.

Nannies in NYC are typically paid between $17 to $25 per hour, depending upon your qualification and experience. Some families go beyond just paying the nanny and provide extra perks such as paid vacations or cellular plans to ensure smooth communication and a long-term work contract.

Employee Feedback

People who work as nannies in NYC report that it is a stressful job that comes with a load of responsibility. Being a good nanny means that you develop a special, intimate bond with the children that you care for. Since nannies work in isolation and only deal with little kids, it can often become difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Getting a nanny job in NYC is easy due to the high levels of demand. However, being a nanny is far from a typical 9 am – 5 pm job since it requires you to take responsibility of children and ensure that they will not be harmed while the parents are away.

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