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Babysitting jobs are fun yet hectic, particularly if you get your hands on a troublesome baby. Babysitting jobs are pretty well known in NYC and all over America. Keep reading…

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About NYC Babysitting Jobs

A majority of parents are overblown by the workload they have at their offices. They require a babysitter to supervise their kids when they take a break from their daily routine. Many people think that a babysitter’s job is simply to look after the children but believe me, it’s not a piece of cake. It goes up to cooking them warm and fresh meals and even changing their napkins.


The young generation, about the age of 15 to 23, mostly conducts babysitting jobs. This occupation requires no specific degree, and all the high school going students can easily do it. However, you should know all your responsibilities perfectly. Apart from being alert and supervising the child, you also need to:

  • Take children outdoors for their activities.
  • Motivate them to learn new skills.
  • Occupy them in interesting games.
  • Cleaning them up and dressing them.
  • Changing nappies and teaching them personal hygiene.
  • Putting them to bed on time and reading out a bedtime story.
  • Make a fresh and hot meal for them and feeding them. 

You will mark your chores and what expectations the parents hold from you when hiring you, making your work much easier and manageable. Nevertheless, being a babysitter in NYC means working for long hours any time of the day or night. The job could include some additional tasks added to your chores list by the parents. Thus, job specifications for a babysitter can never be well defined.

Local Job Market

Having a high demand for babysitters in NYC, it’s rather simple to get a job in this field. However, parents will hire a reliable and experienced nanny for their kids to ensure that their children are in safe hands.

You can start by practicing babysitting for your family and friends’ circle. Taking care of your baby cousins or your friends’ children can give you a good experience. After gaining this rich experience, you can list yourself up on a good babysitting job website to display all your details and experience. You can even look out for kids to babysit in your neighborhood. Once parents are well acquainted with your expertise and credentials, they will hire you willingly.

Babysitters are usually paid a good amount of money between $17 to $25 per hour, depending upon their skills and experience.

Pros and Cons

Being a babysitter has its benefits and shortcomings. The pay is really good for a school or college going individual. The notion around is that it is an easy peasy task, but this is a total misconception. If anything, it is a more responsible job as someone is entrusting you with the most valuable thing of theirs. Babysitting in NYC is a hot job, in demand. If you are good at what you do, you with be getting one instantly. 

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