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There is no job in the world that is easy. It is either mentally challenging or physically. Similarly, being a licensed practical nurse is not easy, it leaves you physically exhausted but the job is very emotionally rewarding. If you are still unsure regarding your profession as an LPN, then we are here to tell you some great advantages of this profession. Keep reading…

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About NYC LPN Jobs

When deciding on being an LPN or an RN, it is natural to be confused. One plus point of being an LPN is that you only require one year to study it, however, when it comes to an RN, one needs to spend four years to study it. By completing the course in just one year, as an LPN one can start working almost instantly after it, and can gain more work experience in less time.

Moreover, being LPN by profession allows one to maintain a work-life balance. These nurses are allowed to make their routine according to their convenience, so yes, their schedule is very flexible. If you believe you need time to yourself, or you need to give time to your kids and family during the day, then you can always opt for night shifts. One can also decide which kind of place they want to be employed. You can choose a hospital, a clinic or office, or a nursing home, anything that suits you better.

Job Market

Without a doubt, New York is a pretty amazing place to live in. The reason is not that the infrastructure is amazing, or the lifestyle is great. It is amazing because people are valued here in this city. Their lives matter, hence their medical facilities for their residents are great too. New York is filled with nursing homes and hospitals, so for an LPN to find a job here is not a hard task.

Example Positions

Following are the places where you can find a job if you are a licensed practical nurse in New York:

  • Five-star nursing
  • The Depositions Group of Companies
  • Perfect choice staffing
  • Towne nurse NYU LANGONE
  • Sunrise senior living
  • Nostrand Center
  • AMC Health

Employee Feedback

All those who have worked in a similar field or are still working, find this place as well as this profession very rewarding. Apart from it being a job only, this profession is very rewarding emotionally as well. So, if you are an LPN and are looking for a job, then apply to this city.


The greatest thing about this job is that the work is interesting. One day you might find yourself doing the everyday checkups and the other day you might be on an emergency case. One thing to keep in mind regarding this profession is that it isn’t child’s play, and only those who are serious about serving humanity should get into a profession as selfless as this.

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