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In the world we live in, retail is slowly and gradually going out of business. If no one buys retail anywhere else in the world, they will buy it in New York. New York has a certain charm about herself that not many cities have and that is why it manages to stay at the top. Keep reading…

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About NYC Retail Jobs

New York City is the fashion capital of the world, where fashion starts and stops at. Anything worn on the streets of New York can become fashion which is where the retail stores thrive. The rest of the world faces the retail crises due to online shopping, but in New York, the retail markets and brands still manage a hold over the people.

Some of the most significant companies and brands that have retail stores in New York City are:

  1. Tiffany and Co.
  2. Barnes and Nobles
  3. Sleepy’s
  4. Etsy
  5. Michael Khors
  6. Eileen Fisher
  7. Saaks Fifth Avenue
  8. Miller’s
  9. Philip Morris International

With these top brands having retail stores in New York City, the retail stores’ fashion does not fade away.

Job Titles and Responsibilities

When working as a retail worker, you must know the rules and responsibilities of dealing with customers.

Here are a few of the responsibilities of a retail worker:

  • Communication: the job description requires you to know how to communicate with the customer. Communication not only applies to kind customers but also those that are mean and sometimes extremely rude.
  • Knowledge of items: having a basic understanding and knowledge of items is essential. If you want to work in retail jobs, then knowing the product and its features are extremely important.
  • Patience: being patient is hard when the customers sometimes do not treat with you respect. That is why you must learn to be patient and learn to be calm and collected in difficult situations.

Some retail jobs titles are as follows:

  • Sales Associate
  • Cashier
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Store Manager
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Inventory Control Specialist

Job Statistics

When it comes to understanding the retail world and how its benefits NYC alone, it is easier to look at the statistics. The annual retail sales for NYC alone are over $251 billion. It is exceptional since there are over 941,000 retailers hired and employed in over 77,000 retail brands alone. These statistics are exceptional on their own.

Employee Feedback

A retail associate earns $14.47/hour, which is if they are paid fairly. A lot of retail workers are not paid enough for all the work that they do. There is a lot of emotional and physical labour involved in being a retail worker. With all that being said, retail works are generally tired but happy to have a job.

Final Word

Retail jobs are challenging and can be too exhausting. That being said, retail workers are why the brands are still running because the first thing the customer sees when they walk into a store is the happy retail worker who is ready to help.

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