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New York City, a metropolitan city, is known to be a great city for all aspiring software engineers. Hunting for a job in the city tends to get a bit hectic as the bar for selection is pretty high. If you intend to launch into your career as a software engineer in the top firms in New York, here is all of the information you will need. Keep reading…

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About NYC Software Engineer Jobs

To be able to work through the ranks and reach your goal, you must have knowledge of who the top players within the field are and how they function. 


This is one of the top companies in NYC that functions mainly using software engineering. They particularly focus on cryptocurrency’s workings by essentially providing their clients with certain institutions. These institutions offer multiple software that helps create an ecosystem for their cryptocurrency of choice. There are currently 15 different openings within this company, which fall under Dev + Engineer, HR, Marketing, Internships, Product, Sales, and Operations. In the city of New York, Chainanalysis has 86 employees


Founded in the year 2012, Peloton has a total of 1,200 employees within New York City. They have formed one of the world’s largest fitness platforms, which is interactive and has above three million members. Through the art of software engineering, they were able to create a fitness platform that is one of the most immersive and technology-enabled ones. They have a total of 223 openings in all of their departments except for their department in charge of internships. So, if you are someone who wants to work on the crux of what software engineering is, be sure to check out their openings in their Dev + Engineer department and their Operations department. 

Typical Positions

Of course, every industry and every company within that industry, particularly the software engineering industry, has its own hierarchy. However, there are several different job titles that you can apply for, which are dictated by your level of experience in the field. So, you can land a position, such as staff software engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Software development engineer, and more. As a software engineer, your key responsibilities will be to continue the software development lifecycle, to come up with and install different software solutions, conduct an analysis of the system, and more. 

Things to Know

To thrive and land a good job within this industry, you must be well versed in different types of technologies, such as Java, Python, PostgreSQL, React, and more.

As technology is integrating with the way we function as humans, a software engineer’s role is becoming much more important. Therefore, a software engineer who has the right set of knowledge and motivation will easily land a job and rise to the ranks. So, you can move up to the senior software engineer or even senior software developer within no time from a staff member.

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