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When it comes to working in the construction industry and having construction jobs, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a lot of effort, both mentally and physically, and apart from that, this is a tough field as well. But again, as it is said, the result of hard work is always fruitful, and sooner or later, it comes down to your feet. Similarly, while the study of this job can be tough, it is very fruitful once you land a good job. Keep reading…

New NYC Construction Jobs

About NYC Construction Jobs

When it comes to construction jobs, the job security it provides is great. There is always someone constructing a building or a house and there is always a project going on. Every other day we see someone asking for a fresh and young individual who has the right mind and attitude to work on an upcoming or an on-going project. So, when it comes to job security, a construction job is great in that regard.

Moreover, construction jobs are great when it comes to good money too. This also depends on the country you are working in and the kind of experience you have, but even the lowest that is paid is not less than $40,000 in the field of construction.

Local Market

The construction industry in New York is on the boom. New York is not only a great place to live in, but due to hundreds of industries, factories, and businesses operating in the city, it has also turned out to be one of the best places for a person to work at. Due to so many companies, the unemployment rates are next to zero, leading to great job opportunities for everyone, especially for those who are looking for construction jobs in the city.

Example Positions

Following are the construction jobs one can find in New York:

  • Construction Administrator
  • Experienced construction
  • Construction Inspector
  • Design Manager
  • Construction Labor worker
  • Commercial construction
  • Laborer
  • Construction Superintendent
  • Resident Engineer
  • Project Leader
  • Construction Inspector
  • Civil Structurer
  • Roadway assistant project
  • Construction project manager
  • Project safety manager
  • Assistant Superintendent
  • Senior construction estimator
  • Construction project engineer
  • Project manager
  • Tunnel construction manager
  • Cost Manager
  • Assistant Construction manager
  • Director design
  • Estimator in Constructing
  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Stone Site supervisor
  • Store planning and construction manager
  • Senior Estimator
  • Field project foreman

Apart from these above-mentioned few jobs, one can find many other jobs in New York especially in the field of construction.

Employee Feedback

Employees who are or have worked in this field in the city of New York found the job and the environment more than satisfactory. The culture as well as the benefits along with the pay, all were very amazing which made the whole working experience for the great and very informative.


If your field of interest is construction and you are looking for a job in it, then look nowhere else and apply for jobs in New York. The system is very rewarding, and you will find a lot of growth opportunities in this field while working in New York.

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