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Marketing has always been an interesting field to work in. It is a vast field that has many different areas to excel in – including the new ‘digital marketing’ field. Having a marketing job means that you promote the products or services of a company in a positive manner and create both brand awareness and customer loyalty. Keep reading…

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About NYC Marketing Jobs

People who gain marketing jobs are known as Marketers. These people are responsible for monitoring market trends, creating promotional campaigns and determine appropriate pricing methodologies.

Due to the huge number of high-end brands present in NYC, there is a significant amount of competition in each industry. As a result, each company wants a good marketer who can develop a positive brand image for their company and expand their sales revenue. This is the reason why marketing jobs in NYC are becoming extensively common.

Types of Jobs

The most popular branch of marketing in the modern world is digital marketing. Since technology and social media has taken over the way people think and make purchases, digital marketing has become increasingly popular and important amongst brands.

When working in digital marketing, a marketer will have to excel in a range of skills including:

  • Market Research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Web Development

Typically, all of these roles are combined into one job title: social media marketing manager. This individual is responsible for creating an online persona of a brand and to generate sales for the business through social media marketing tactics.

Apart from social media marketing, there is always a traditional marketing manager or team who makes use of typical methods to promote a brand. This could include billboard advertisements, radio broadcasts, or television ads.

Job Search

For most employers, having a degree in marketing alongside of some field experience has become a necessity to get a job. This is because a vast majority of people who have studied any field of business are now trying to transfer their skills into marketing since it is a high-paying industry.

The average salary for a marketing executive in NYC is $74,850 per year. The salary will certainly be much lower if you are just starting out in the field – but there is much room to improve and enhance your salary up to this number if you are good at your job as a marketer.

Employee Feedback

While you may feel like marketers have a creative job and enjoy the freedom to take important decisions regarding the company, 80% of marketers report that they feel overburdened with their jobs. A marketing job in NYC is not difficult, but it is important to find a specific niche and put your entire focus on it. By trying to handle too many things at once, marketers report high levels of stress on a daily basis since there is always tension around the office.

The Final Word

While it is easy to step into the world of marketing, remember to proceed with caution. There are many marketing jobs available in NYC, so you don’t necessarily have to start off as a marketing generalist or as a brand manager. Instead, you can focus on developing your skills first by opting for simpler job titles such as working under a marketing executive or being a marketing coordinator.

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